From Reb Shlomo:

You know my darling friends, when we read about leaving Mitzrayim – Egypt -the first thing G-d says is ‘Vehotzeiti Etchem Mitachat Sivlos Mitzrayim’ – I will take you out from being able to stand Egypt. Sivlos Mitzrayim means to be able to put up with, to tolerate. You see, the first thing about redemption, to get out of exile is that you have to stop liking the exile. Imagine I am in exile but I like it in exile, then nobody can take me out.

At one time I told a woman about the holiness and beauty of Yerushalayim, she said to me listen, I’ll tell you the truth, I like the Bronx. So what can you do with her? The Messiah will come and give her a free ticket to Israel but she likes the Bronx. She will never move, there is nothing you can do.

Do you know what the saddest thing in the world is? Only one fifth left Egypt, one fifth of the Jews left Egypt, they liked it there. I don’t have to tell you. In America, after the black man became free, how many people really wanted to be free, they wanted to go back right away to being a slave, do you know why? Basically it’s the strangest thing in the world. Everybody talks about freedom, but you know something? It’s a very heavy thing to be free.
So the first thing of redemption is that G-d will take you out from being able to stand being exile, you won’t like it anymore. See what happened, when Moshe comes to the yidden, they suddenly couldn’t stand it anymore. This was the first step of redemption.
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