Having worked so hard not to be pidgenholed into a box, defining and categorizing me, I find that as I venture out into the anew, with my this blog and my teaching positions, I seem to be required to do t to myself. For the moment, allow me the following for your edification.

After a lifetime of receiving teachings from countless sources, both Jewish and not, the one teaching that consistely emerges when asked which one is most compelling to me, I quote Reb Shlomo:

“HaShem wants us to serve him, but as free people. NOT as slaves! That’s why he took us out of Egypt. So what’s the definition of a true spiritual master? One who’s a free person. What’s the acid test of a who is a free person? Someone who’s giving over freedom to evryone they meet.”

I have waited until to open myself up to the public at large, to be sure I was ‘safe.’ Safe? I have always mistrusted authority. I have a decent sized ego. Further, anecdotal evidence says I am charismatic. I am also not yet married, not yet with my balancing ‘ezer k’negdo,’ the one who would bring balance to self-perception. These are serious issues.

So why open now? I just feel that moving cautiously, making sure to be open with my failings and struggles, this is the time. That I can offer what 55 years of learning, struggle, experience, introspection, has brought me. And if there is anyone out there who can benefit in a healthy positive way from what I do offer, I need to offer it.

Invitation: Believing that I can larn more from criticism than adulation, I request that if you, the reader, are disturbed, perturbed, confused, angered by anything I submit, please, please let me know, don’t hold back. I care more about truth than fawning, clarity and accuracy over fawning. My integrity is more important than any definigtion of success.

And I thank you all for taking the time to red my musings. I bless one and all, with the best.