This is my first post since January. Too much is happening to stay quiet. So here’s the first. There was an oped article in todays Jerusalem Post. Here’s the link:<a href=

Here’s my response: Dear Mr. Tauber,

I started reading your oped piece in todays JPost and stopped when you wrote that Yerushalayim could fall again. I beg to differ as vociforously as I can. We are only in the Land through HaShem's promises to us. We can see it everyday in the diversity of Jews walking the streets of the Land. The prophesies of our return have come true. One of the promises was the promise of the four galuyot – four exiles: Egypt, Bavel (Babylon), Poras (Persia) and Rome. The Rome exile lasted until the gates opened for Jews to return to the Land beginning in the late 1800's. THERE WILL NOT BE A FIFTH EXILE!

We care for our security and well being more from a place of confidence that this truth brings – that no politician from anywhere, within or without – can bring us down, than from a quaking fear that anyone is more powerful than HaShem's promises.

Until this internalized, we will make it more difficult, but it won't be the catastrophe you envision. Indeed, America, Europe and China have so much more to fear, as they have no protection of promises from Heaven. Even more, their downfall is Divine decree to make room for the world that HaShem intended before Creation. We see it coming more true everyday.

The boldness and courage of Jews speaking this truth, in a gentle, confident manner is our greatest resource. Please consider this and re-examine your vision. If we were only subjects of politics and politicians, we would have been gone long ago. Please write to encourage and give faith and trust and confidence through your words and work, rather than convey unfounded fear based upon a seeming logic that defies our entire 4,000 year existence.

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Moshe Pesach Geller