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Hearing the Bas Kol

Now I want you to know, the whole story between Yosef and his brothers was mamesh from heaven because this was the beginning of us Jewish people going into exile.

I want to tell you something awesome… awesome is not the word.

Here the brothers want to kill Yosef. Let’s assume they were convinced they were right. So it says(Breishis 37:20) ‘let’s throw him in a pit’, and then it says ‘we will see what will happen to his dreams’. So the way it’s translated is that they said it cynically ‘yeah, let’s see what happens to his crazy dreams’.

But the Medrash says (Medrash Breishis Raba 84:14) that a Bas Kol, a voice from heaven said ‘Nireh Ma Yihiyu Chalomosav’, let’s see what happens to his dreams.

Then it says ‘Vayishma Reuven’ (Breishis 37:21), what did Reuven hear? He mamesh heard something and wanted to save Yosef. So the way it is simply learned is that Reuven heard and said ‘ahhh, I got to get him out of the pit’. You know what the Zohar Hakadosh says? The only person who heard this voice was Reuven. ‘Vayishma Reuven’. He heard a voice from heaven saying, we will see what will happen to his dreams. You think it’s the end? It’s the beginning.

He asks his brothers ‘did you hear something?’

They said ‘no’.

So he should say to himself ‘I must be dreaming, I’m crazy. I have to see my therapist, I hear voices’.

Where would Reuven be if he wouldn’t have listened to this voice and want to save Yosef?

I want you to know friends, the prophet Hosea, who is the master on tshuvah, Shuva Yisrael, was the great grandson of Reuven who did tshuvah. Mamesh, awesome.

You see what it is? This is so deep, and yet it sounds so simple. Every person has to realize what they need for the fixing of their own neshama. G-d is not a Yenta who is telling everybody everything about me. G-d is telling me what I have to know for the fixing of my neshama.

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