If you want to know what you need to know about what is needed and desired from you by Heaven, here it is. This is the challenge. This is the test. This is what we all need to know to know to go forward in our lives and bring any hope to the world.

I bless you with taking on the challenge and have safe, liberating journeying. See you on the Great Day.

Shabbat Shalom, Moish

This is from Rav Sholom Brodt in Jerusalem:

In honor of Reb Shlomo’s yahrtzeit you will find a collection of his teachings on this week’s parsha- Va’yeira.

Reb Shlomo zt”l mammash lived like a child of Avraham Avinu, always doing chessed, always inviting people for Shabbos and Yom Tov, always moving beyond himself. People often think that great people were just born that way. Sure, it’s true that there are great people who are endowed with great talents and what is difficult for most comes easily to them. But all the truly great people had to work very hard; they had to turn themselves inside out and traverse over a deep and frightening abyss. Like Avraham Avinu who was tested with ten awesome trials, every one of us must go through adversity and hardship to actualize our potentials and beyond.

These tests that we must go through may just come upon us, unexpectedly, or they may just be there waiting for us to ‘take the test’. Though we may understand how important it is for us to take the test, or work on it sincerely, we sometimes are just too lazy or scared to proceed, even though we know that we must. I once heard Reb Gedaliah Fleer say that most people prefer to continue living in their misery because they are familiar with it, rather than try to make changes and improvements for the better, since that would require them to enter into unfamiliar territory and realms which they are frankly afraid to approach.

There are people who are very kind, but so long as they are kind because ‘they’ are kind, their kindness has limitations. However, says the Piasetzner Rebbe zt”l, when one gives him/herself completely over to Hashem and wants to be and do kind things because that is what Hashem wants them to do, their kindness reaches way beyond anything they imagined. Avraham Avinu went into the beyond and he got there by submitting his will completely to Hashem’s will. May we all be blessed to grow beyond as we approach each life-test joyously. Amen!

Yehi ratzon mil’fa’necha H’ Elokai, in the merit of the ‘yom ha-hilulah’ of the holy neshamah of our Rebbe ztz”l, that I may have the ‘zchut’ to share with you divrei Torah and stories “from the heart” as our holy Rebbe Reb Shlomo ztz”l learned Torah with us. He would sing and he would cry to Him and to us “for the sake of my brothers, for the sake of my sisters, I will speak now, ‘sholom bach’ peace be in YOU”.

Master of the world, we want to be in You. Bless us to want to be in You sincerely. Hashem help the student to give honor to his Rebbe. Help him not to steal from Your Honor, nor to steal from his Rebbe’s honor. Bless the talmidim to be matzliach “for the sake of my brothers, for the sake of my sisters”.