As you have some awareness, this are momentous times for the Planet and of course, our People, the Jewish nation. During these 10 Days of Repentance, there are ‘talks’ going on between us and our cousins, under pressure from the American Government. The decisions and choices made in these talks will set up much of the Jewish future. You have on occassion asked me questions about our situation here and claims against us.

It has always frustrated me, because to do justice to your questions, require responses truly long. They require explications of context and history. But there is too limit time for truly just responses nor to study them.

There was a time before the Liberation and Unification of the Land in June 1967. There was what created the new circumstances of Liberation and Unification. There was a time when Israel was less than 20 years old. When Israel was small, both in physical size as well as numbers. It is less small than it was. It still is squite small; smaller than New Jersey, with a population smaller than some U.S. cities!

The link is to a recording of the words spoken by Abba Eban at the U.N. Security Council the day after the Six-Day War erupted. It is 40 minutes long. Please give it a serious, close listen, with no distractions allowed. Listen two more times.Think about it. Let me know what conclusions you’ve come to.,+June+6,+1957

Blessings, Moish