I got off Facebook. Some months later, I got back on. Not sure why. But it’s been out of my consciousness, so I haven’t been reading nor posting. Tonight, I got a notice that had me log on and I read my Home Page. There was a post for a truly awesome woman. I really love and like her. But we stand on opposite ends of the Judea-Samaria debate. Here’s the thread so far:

Leona Strassberg Steiner J Street is the only organization that is trying to make real change in the way we see Israel, the way we connect with Israel and the way we can convey to the rest of the world that there are so many people that are unhappy with the shenanigans that are happening over the green line in Israel. Please join and help make… a difference in our life time for a just and sensible peace for everyone in the region. Gmar Hatima Tova!

Moshe Pesach Geller: The assumptions of ‘shenanagins’ is offensive to those who regard for our Divine patrimony as a precious, neccesary gift. Easy for you to give away something that you have no identification with, are 7.000 miles away from and IS NOT YOURS TO GIVE AWAY, and anyway, are impotent to do so.

How you people ‘over there’ see us is only ultimately important only to you. It is how we see ourselves here that counts and J Street has zero influence. Indeed, I would bet that not more 10% of Israelis have ever heard of it. What is relevant to the inexorable flow of Jewish History happens in the Land. As it should be.

Moshe Pesach Geller: Try this on for size: http://www.theothersidevideo.com/ and this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_uk5nx5yyI and this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-_sICgOkMY and finally this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBtFGHKPRHY

Leona Strassberg Steiner: my brother, me thinks you need to do some serious homework and read history books…… religion and politics is the downfall of this world…. our fanaticism and our cousins fanaticism is exactly the same….. I pray for open hearts on all sides every time I light Shabbas candles

Moshe Pesach Geller: Leona, trust me, I’ll challenge you to a history debate on any history of the planet anywhere, anyplace anytime. Religion? I’m a rabbi of the most radical kind, as you know. If religion and politics are the downfall of the world (you’re wrong.It’s people, many who are politicians and religious people, many who are doctors who beat there wives, artists who sleep with their children, and the list is endless.) If not politicians, who will make what you want to have happen, happen? And having lived here, how many people do you think will actually listen to what you say, let alone implement what you think?

In Ofakim, you are irrelevant, unless you’re there to help them feed themselves. In Meah Shearim as all charedi places and as most all Arab villages where honor murders still take place, as a woman, you aare invisible. By the time we gather whatever audience you would have, there wouldn’t be many left. Pretty impotent. So the question becomes, at what point will you look at the truth of the people on all sides who live there.

With the Christian Arabs blaming the Jews for their situation when everyone knows they say it because if they lay the blame at the source, they will suffer even more, the truth is crushed. When Arab women’s voices and talents are stifled in Muslim society, especially Gaza, the truth is crushed. With Yishuvnikim tar and feathered as Chas v’Shalom, I won’t use the words, the truth is crushed. When the Tzahal you were a member of likened to Yimach Shemom from Germany, the truth is crushed. With Hamas laughing at you, they know with the smiles they offer you, the truth is crushed.

With Fatah and Hamas at each other’s throat’s and Nabil Shaath fighting with Saed Ekerat over who should lead the negotiations on Fatah’s side, the truth of ‘partnership’ is crushed. With ignoring that ALL OF JORDAN is Mandatory Palestine and the majority of the population ‘Palestinian’, the truth is crushed. When history is selelctively started 40 years ago or 60 or 100, the truth is crushed.

When our cousins say that there was no Bait HaMikdash and no Jewish historical association with Yerushalayim, the truth is crushed.

You can’t build redemption and peace on lies.

So you guys can shout all you want, tear you hair out all you want and pound your hearts for lack of vessels for HaShem forces us to go through until the real, the ultimate Shalom comes for EVERYONE. For finally, there is no such things as ‘peace’. ‘Peace’ is a bastard English word with no intrinsic meaning of its own.

Ahh..SHALOM! That has meaning and a shoresh that reveals it’s meaning: SHALEM! Whole, complete. Peace is not negotiated by corrupt western white men in suits who have only a temporary poistion of influence anyway.It is beyond all that. And until people give up their KMart discounted version of peace to only hold out for the WHOLE SHEBANG: SHALOM!!! Will Shalom be clear on the horizon.