But that’s not what this post is about. It’s about the following article in “The Atlantic”


Read it and let me know in what way my comment follows from the article. This is a test of the Emergency Jewish Consciousness System. If this was a real emergency….

This is the most perfect-storm article of the final dissolution of anything of what being Jewish is all about. It’s a modern-day condensed code piece of a humongously longer thesis on the final descent by Jews in America into a Hellenistic, hedonistic, shallow, superficial, narcissistic, remake-in-your-own-image, hip Jewishness that denies and destroys what ever is left of what we were put here to do an be.

It reflects either the ridiculously ignorance of the source-role or the distortion of it. It is the perfect, ‘looking-through-the-back-end of the telescope,’ so that one only sees oneself. And it doesn’t even pay to go to the trouble of articulating the fullness of the significance of the what the article perfectly reflects.

This could be the only obituary American Jewry needs, regardless of orientation or choice. It’s all over. The only thing left is the shouting.