Thank G-d for Thomas Friedman. If you want to know what’s going to happen, read his column and something approximating the opposite will happen. Nothing ever happens the way Thomas Freedman says it should, if only ‘they’ would heed his words. Baruch HaShem

What’s great about being a pundit is that being right has nothing to with it. You don’t run for election, so no one calls you to take account of your record. You can say whatever you want, because, firstly, no one remembers you even wrote something. Secondly, it doesn’t really make a difference. Thirdly, you write an opinion piece. You what an opinion is? When I don’t know, I have an opinion. Do I know that Thomas Friedman writes an op-ed column published in the New York Times or is it just my opinion. Someone else might have a different opinion. Which leads us to the next point.

Americans really don’t know anything. Thomas Friedman has himself written extensively about the state of education in America. Americans, because they really don’t know anything (read talkbacks), are very big on opinions. Americans invented the theory of relativity – that is, everything is relative to ones’ opinion, so therefore nothing is inherently true. Which of course, makes everything a power game. If nothing is inherently true, than the only justification for exersizing power, is that one has the power to do so. America is very big on the excersize of power.

With Israel, the common line of ‘opinion makers’ is that Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama must exercise power and force Israel to whatever. Why? because that’s their opinion. Damn truth. Damn the application of any standard of behavior if that standard interferes with the prevailing opinion of what they think it should be.

Americans also have the shortest of memories. It would be as if beating a dead horse to expound on the consequences of soundbite conditioning, the off the hook acceleration of the advance of high tech programming, etc. Combine in one entity, essential world-class ignorance, condition it with only the shortest of short term memory and give it the greatest of power and oy vey! Look out!

Thomas Friedman is the perfect metaphor for the American Jew today. He is disaffected from Yiddishkeit, whatever he thinks he knows of it. He became disenchanted with Israel whatever the rationale. He gets off big time being an insider with all those famous ‘friends of Israel’ who have power, had power, want power or actually excessive real power behind the scenes. They’re the dangerous ones. Not Rahm and Obama. It’s Baker and the Bush and CFR and classic emesdika traitors to the Jewish people like the Henry’s: Kissinger and Siegman (classmate of my father’s at YU; I used to be his travel agent, etc.) that one has to watch out for. And brother Thomas (named after a ‘saint’ of which religion?) loves to speak on their behalf. Why? Because he is such a friend of Israel and speaks for our other ‘best friends.’

Next up: Why we need not fear all the metaphors in human disguise. Hint: Because that’s all they are.

We begin the Book of Leviticus – Parshat VaYikra – this Shabbat. It’s all about how to truly be holy and sanctified and do the right thing. Check it out.

Shabbat Shalom, Moish