I really have moved away from commenting on politics, because there’s so much more important work to be done. But I just need to register the following:

This is clear to me: The whole thing is a set-up. Obama/Biden/Clinton/Bush/Baker/Kissinger – doesn’t matter who – reads the script to whomever is Prime Minister in Israel. The President tells the Prime Minister what to do. The Prime Minister says, “I can’t! They’ll lynch me!” The President says, “Don’t worry about a thing. We have it all figured out.” And so….

And so…the announcement about building these homes comes just by coincidence when Biden comes to Israel. And Bibi has his out. We’ve heard it so many times before: “After this, we have to do what they say. Otherwise they will punish and hurt us. And they are our best friends. Remember? Biden said so himself.”

(Couple of side points: 1- There is no such thing as coincidence. Coincidences only exist in the eyes of those who cannot see. 2- Please check out Biden’s voting record vis a vis Israel and in general expressed attitude.)

And then whatever was set-up between Israel and our cousins by dictat, begins to unfold. And Bibi’s the lamb brought for sacrifice. He thought he could play with them. But these guys have been in the power business for a whole hell of alot longer than us Yidden. Our power existed in the unbroken chain of the journey of nation committed to live for the Redemption of all beings within the simple knowledge that God is One. We’ve tried to dance with Babylon and they’re ever shifting rules of the game.

It never mattered who specifically was in power and/or in which country the ‘power’ rested. It’s the forever story of the Jewish People. But coming to the end is this last set of illusions:

When the totality of the global assault on Israel and the Jewish People becomes clear; when it has finally become common vision that there resides no salvation in the halls of the politicians; when the collective really, really bad karma of a cynical, morally bankrupt sorry collection of nations comes home to its ultimate roost, with final bankruptcy of the planetary economic system, sometime in the next year or so, then we will have turned the final corner, where a humbled nation of Israel along with a humbled and humiliated family of nations, begin to fulfill the critical Prophesy of King David:

I lift up my eyes unto the mountains,
From where will my help come?
My help is coming from the One and Only One:
Creator of the Heavens and the Earth

That collective turn by all humanity that is good, we pray, will be enough to realize the critical mass needed for the Coming World to arrive. Let it be soon, Let it be sweet, Let it be kind. Let it Come NOW! With no more suffering. May we never stop sending to the One our insistence that THERE MUST BE A BETTER WAY!!!