There is a new American journal of thought and ideas by Jews that suggest that this is ‘Jewish’ thought and ideas. I was curious. There was one article in reference to Purim that struck me.

It is entitled: Sisters in Arms:
Playing the defiant Vashti in a day school Purim play awakened my inner feminist by Elisa Albert

Here’s the link:

To wet your appetites, here’s my comments: Once again Jewish ignorance triumphs. Vashti was essentially the equivalent of a woman Nazi concentration camp guard. She would make Jewish woman strip, tie them together in a long rope and parade them on all fours like dogs, whipping along the way. That was just one of her pleasures.

How do we know? From testimony of the time, as recorded in the Talmud. But one would have to first learn Hebrew and Aramaic, invest serious hours over serious years to do so. Why should a modern American Jew do so, when she can trade working hard to learn Torah for confusion for the ease of access to ignorant, self-serving revisionism?

Vashit: Great role model for Jewish women to emulate!

After some responses to what I wrote, I added:

Just to be sure. My ’smicha’ is from Reb Zalman Schachter. I spent 35 years with Reb Shlomo Carlebach. I create and ran the Jerusalem Camp Cente at the American National Rainbow Gathering. I support Orthodox women rabbis, am a vocal and staunch defender of Agunot, as well as passionate opponent of reinstating polygamy in Jewish law and have years experience counseling women with recovered repress memory of prior sexual abuse and abuse in general an a vocal critic and opponent of any rabbi abusing his position and authority, knowledge and charisma. Having established my bonafides, such as they are and as unnecessary as I believe it to be, allow me to speak just as strongly on this issue:

1- The re-making of Torah and Jewish history in ‘one’s own image’ is ultimately nothing more than an institutionalization of particularly American neuroses and narcissistic rebellions, building a ‘binyan’ out of the angers and disappointments that Jewish life in America and American life in general.

2- Such passionate and profoundly felt imperatives bespeak the disconnection with the inexorable flow of the journey and ultimate destination of the Jewish People, what time it is on the planet and so, so much more.

3- For most American Jews this disconnection from the unbroken chain of Jewish history, allows one to simply dismiss the past as myth and/or fiction. Careful, the same will be said of you and your lives in the future.

4- How many of you know that the from the first word of Megillat Esther till the last, 9 years elapsed? How many of you know what this six-month feast of Achashveirosh was all about?

5- How come, when it comes to rejecting Torah, you all suddenly become Fundamentalist Jews, interpreting Torah literally and as narrowly as you can, so as to reject and remake it your own image.

6- This is ultimately all Avodat Zara. You’re not serving HaShem. You’re serving yourselves. As that paradigm of radical feminist post-modern Jewish Renewal ‘Chief Rabbi Zalman Schachter said, “We are paying far too much attention to the horizontal and not enough to vertical.” This was a polite way of saying, “We’re (you’re) looking too much at yourselves and not enough to what God is trying to tell you.”

7- If this is not the definition of what it means to be an American, I don’t know what is.