I am in Jerusalem, the Sabbath has just ended on the cusp of the most joyous day, Purim and there is this impossible news. The distance dissolves and I am with Dave at Wetlands, at Show, in the forest, the tears come. Dislocation sets in. The sweetest, kindest, most gentle, always loving Dave Nolan, is GONE? I am bereft.

I walk the night streets of Jerusalem. Everything is quiet, everything is peaceful. The streets still glistening from the blessed Sabbath rains. The anticipatory vibrations of the wild and holy free celebration soon to come is palpable. But there is no celebration left in me. And then, as I round the corner for home, I hear Dave say to me, “Moish, if you don’t party like I know you can, you will make me sad. Don’t you still party with Jerry?” And then…

Just before the gate, my Ethiopian neighbor is cuddling his delicious 18 month girl. Her eyes are dancing, her smile radiates pure loving joy. She reaches out her hand. I take it. I smile. A real one. I say
thank you and one tear falls and I see Dave smiling and I know he sent her. Thank you Dave. I love you forever. How can you be gone?

Blessings from the depths of my heart and soul to Joy and Allison to be comforted personally and directly by the Most High. With a broken heart from the Holy City, Moish

I was privileged to know and love Dave Nolan 22 years. He was the kindest, gentlest, most conscious brother. I never heard him have a harsh word for anyone. All he wanted was to spread love and light, joy and peace. Can anything better be said? Dave, thanks for the love. May you be lifted to the highest place in Heaven and rest in peace. From the depths, Moish