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Wow. I have 45 hours to finish moving out of my apartment, pack, take care of last minute things in Yerushalayim, before I get on the plane to California. So, I’m having my morning coffee and scanning the news. Today’s Times has some critical, riveting articles that I think are must reads. Please do so.

Today, I have almost completed packing up all my stuff for storage. I’m moving out of my apartment in Tekoa, after 3 and 3/4 years here. It’s the longest I’ve lived in one place for over 20 years. On Tuesday morning, I fly off to California for I pray will be 5-6 months, well paid gainful employment. The vision is to return with enough to move forward to Yerushalayim and begin creating my own Spiritual Center.

I never thought I would leave the Holy Land at all, let alone an extended time period. I have also, never been closer to finally having my own ‘movie’ happening. People with talents and strengths that I lack are begining to pop up with a desire to help make things happen. For this I am so gratefull.
Two nights ago, I got lost going through every scrap of people that I accumulated since childhood and that somehow stayed with me. I could write books about it all. Suffice it to say that it is a mind-blowing thing to have such access to a picture some 50 years long. It will take much to review that which survived the paper-recycling recepticle.

I will be bringing alot of Torah papers and every fone number and name jotted down to organize while I’m there.

It’s 2 am, I’m beat. I’m crashing. And remember: for the REAL scoop on Sukot. And while I’m at it,