There has been of recent a heated discussion about Disco music on the Rainbow discussion list. Here’s my 2 cents:

I find it interesting that this thread has been put mostly in political terms. I see things through a spiritual prism. That is, whatever is going on in this plane, what’s going on in Heaven? Another way to put it is that whatever is going on here, is only a corrolary and a manifesting of what’s going on on the spiritual plane. The imagery is that of two things: Jacob’s Ladder; there’s the going up and there’s the bringing down and the Star of David. The bottom plane reaching up to a point in the Heaven’s and the top plane sending down energy to a point here in the material world.

There was an awesome Light shining into the world back in the sixities and untold millions of people received it in some form and way or another, based upon who they were and where they were coming from. As Ram Dass said of the psychedelic experience: Set and setting. The people who were most easily identified with the Light were/are called hippies. Because we’re all individuals, we each receive/received it in our own way, with measures of accuracy, reflection, refraction and distortion, thus producing the conflicts we continue to experience. Further, the way we received it was/is so powerful, we think that what we see is what IT is.But since IT is Infinite, then by definition, we can’t see IT, we can only see what we see. And then grow and learn and refine the vision as we obtain a greater, more sophisticated vocabulary to describe it. And there are so many way to describe it. As the Talmud says, “There are 70 Faces to the Creator’s Revelation. There’s the Native American way and the Sufi way. There’s Abraham’s and Moses’s way and there’s Buddha and Krishna and Jesus and Muhammad. And all the creative ways we’ve all witnessed and experienced as we bring our individual revelations to the collective Family.

This is one of the most profound elements for me at Gathering. I obviously live in an intensly Jewish world. I hunger to receive of the myriad of ways Family has come to know what they know. I learn as much in the two weeks of my Rainbow journeying that I do during the rest of the year. For that I am forever grateful.

The music most of us identify with from the Sixties was Infinite: It was new, revolutionary, going in a million directions from a million influences: blues, jazz, R&B,soul, reggae, ska, African Tribal roots, folk, blue grass, country, protest, etc. It was improvisational and experimental. Disco was pre-designed and pre-packaged. It was a corporate revolt against FM radio and revolutionary and anti-Establishment music. It was anti-home grown garage music. It was an effort to wrest control of sexually expressive black music. Disco was the Establishment’s effort begun in reaction to the ‘race music’ of Chuck Berry, Little Richard and Fats Domino with Elvis all tghe way through to Pat Boone and buble-gum music and Frankie Avalon, to wash out any of the profound inner experience that music can produce. It shallowized, superficialized, commercialized and materialized an essential spiritual medium. Music comes down from Heaven to reach inside us and connect us to our higher, deeper, more profound selves. The higher the place from Heaven it comes, the deeper and more profoundly does it touch and transform us through its power of transcendence.

And that’s the crux here. They didn’t and don’t want us to transcend; to reach for something more than what corporate Amerika wanted us to have.

As I said, there’s the coming down and there’s the coming down and there’s the going up. The coming down comes first, as the Creator is the first cause. But we are partner’s with the Creator, whether we know it or not. Either we are a concious tool of the Universe or an unconcious tool. We either bring it down from on high or we bring it down from low places.

One final thought on hate to expand upon what Mouska wrote: There’s a man who woke up each night at mid-night with tears in his eyes, begging the Creator to allow him to experience all the the tears and prayers of all the peoples of the world. From that profoundly deep space, he wrote a kabbalistic book of songs. He had no agent or manager, no publicist, no newspapers, books, radio TV or Internet. His name was David and the prophetic songs he composed are called the Psalms. And 3,000 years later, billions of people look to these songs and sing these songs to transcend the tyranny that rules their lives. And he wrote: “Ohavei HaShem – the ones who love the Name – Sinu Rah – hate evil.”

Disco had within its foundation an element of evil. It was calculated to nullify music that liberates. That’s why we hate it. And Rob, wish I was there.

Blessings for a New Year filled with sweeteness and Light, good health and sustanance, Joy, Love and Peace.

From the Holy City, Moish