There has been a thread that I instigated (advertently? inadvertently?) on the Rainbow list. My thoughts below make it clear as to what has been said.

First of all, it might surprise you, but I hold by what you write, John. I thank you for inspiring me to think and reflect. It does a mind and soul good.

I have only a moment, so I will say this about the economic aid that Israel receives. First of all, Teal (do I know you?), Way back, about 12 years ago, Israel told America with profound gratitude, that it no longer required the economic aid and voluntarily gave it up.

Aid for defense purposes continued. However, some 80% of the aid never leaves America as the rules require Israel spend the money IN AMERCA BUYING AMERICAN ARMS AND TECHNOLOGY.

Also, American aid, both economic and defense, only began for real and in any meaningful or substantial amounts, after 1968. So, on the economic end, the assistance lasted about 26 of the 60 years Israel has existed as a sovereign nation.

Only an insignificant portion came without ‘rules of use.’ These ‘rules of use’ all had stiff requirements on how and how much, the money is used on any specific project. All these requiremetns represented the concious effort to advance American interests and influence and policy. Further, a great percentage of the aid came in the form of either loans or bonds that Israel had to and has paid back.

By the end, after you add it all up, the story is quite different than the sophistry of general, unspecific, idealogy and agenda driven statements, suggesting Israel as beggar and mooch, just raking in billions of taxpayer dollars for its own greedy purposes.

Think of it in Rainbow terms. Imagine you have focalized a kitchen for 15 years. Some new kid walks in. First Gathering and has nothing. Nothing except heart, desire to serve and give and learn and whatever strengths and talens and weaknessess and failngs he brings to it. He’s hungry, been kicked around by life, is grungy some. Yeah, the world has a hard time because he’s different in some way that’s threatening and disturbing.

But you are Rainbow and everyone is welcome and you love to give and to feed. After you’ve given him/her food, sat her/him down around a fire, listened to his story, saw the light hidden behind the grunginess, s/he asks, “How can I help?”

Years later there’s a moment when you’re sitting in the shadows, observing your Kitchen, your home as it is, reflect on its origins and journe to the now, watch this Rainbow veteran Warrior, still small and slight, still somewhat grungy, still rejected, feared and hated by much of the ignorant world and be warmed by all that s/he and only he could have contributed over the years and how despite all her/his tribulations, still here, still giving and taking less, because s/he learned the teaching and leson about love: That it is in the giving that love lives and breaths and it is in the giving of love that one receives.

Story sound familiar?

You can google from a million sources, what America and the world has received in return from Israel. Just one example. If not for Israel, no cells phones or texting or chats or much of anything that you take for granted as an American invention that you depend upon but was created and developed here in Israel, by Israelis working for AMerican companies or start-ups aquired from American companies.

In short, without Israel, we would not even be having this conversation. You are fee to asign any value to that that you wish. However, before you do, also check out the list of medical advances that emerged from Israel and the number of lives saved so far. And while you’re at it, compare the number of Israeli and American Nobel Prize winners in the last 60 years and compare the relative population numbers.

Got to run to a funeral and then a Bris: Death and life; real life and death. Real people. My tribe has been doing it for 4000 years.

Blessings for the blessings of life itself.
Peace and love, love, love