Dearest Friends,

People often ask me exactly what I do. I’m writing this under some duress, so forgive if it’s not the best.

Here’s my day today: Seek financing for my upcoming 5 month journey to the States. Secure a place to live for 6 weeks in Amherst/Northampton, Mass. Decide whether to move out of my apartment FAST, decide if I have time to go my student and brother, Gershon’s engagement party tonight. Then go to a job spackling and painting the village kindergarten.

Then I am called with the tragic news that a special brother of over 20 years, suddenly took off from this world at work, leaving his wife and six kids. Then phone counseling to a brother in Boston who suddenly is being divorced from his wife, who wants sole custody of their little daughter.

Plus there is the awesome event tomorrow evening: The Bris – circumcision ceremony – of the new-born son of my teacher, Reb Shlomo Carlebach, daughter, Wednesday at 5:30pm at Reb Shlomo’s villiage. And I have to pack and move out and store my stuff at a friends and conect with my cousin who just arrived from the States. And be on a plane Tuesday morning at 5AM.

So life here in Israel, is real. Reb Shlomo says: “Every one of my sings, have at least one tear in it. Please don’t wipe it off. It’s my gift to you!”

So what do I do? I don’t have a job. I have life and I live it as Heaven sends me to live it; to be there for others in their joys and their tragedies, in their triumphs ad their failures. And to help them get through them in the besst way possible. And somehow, within all this, take care of myself also. So what do I do? I wake up each morning and ask the Master of the World, the Holy One, Blessed Be He: So, nu? What do you have for me today?

This is what I have right now.

Tomorrow will be another day. Let it be good and sweet. Let it be redemptive. Let it be filled with love and light, joy and celebration. Let it be real. Let it be.

And to quote another of my teachers, the rebbe duo Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter: “Wheel is turning…..everytime that wheel goes around, bound to cover just a little bit more ground.”

Happy birthday, Jerry. Mazal Tov, Shlomo. Mazal Tov Ari and Dari, Mazaql Tov Gershon, Baruch Dayan Emes (Blessed is the One Whose Rule and Judgments are true and in truth), Healing to the newly broken family. Please, HaShem. Give me strength, stamina, resillience, endurance, wisdom, understanding, compassion and the where-with-all to give to those You sed my way, Your Very Best.