Dearest Friends,

I have ignored my blog for a long, long time. So with the New Year, this entry is an expression of the hope and prayer, that it is indeed new and time ripe for new beginnings.

A Teaching:

This was given over by Reb Shlomo, my teacher, not long before he took off from this world. The source of the teaching is the Maharal of Prague (1529-1609). He is most popularly known in association of his creation of a ‘Golem’ – a ‘non-human’ being, formed through the innunciation of a Mystical Kaballah code. He did this to create a force that could protect the Jews from an immediate attack of annihilation. You can google his name and learn much about him.

Reb Shlomo paraphrases: “Everyone knows that HaShem gives us 49 Gates to walk through in life. Not everyone walks through all the Gates HaShem provides. But if you do, what happens when you walk through the 49th Gate? You get to the 50th Gate. What’s the 50th Gate? I’m just starting.”

Personally, I have gone through a multitude of transformations since posting regularly. It feels as if I’ve walked, been shoved, pulled and jumped through 10 billion gates; backwards and forwards, up, down around, inside ad outside…..

How much has the world changed? How much have I been ‘preaching’ the Torah of accelerated change? How do we take it all in? I haven’t written, because whatever I would have to say, seemed outdated by the time I published it. And then it seemed things would stall and sort of freeze for a bit. That gave rise to question what I earlier perceived. I began to feel that I would appear more crazed than I already do. It seemed pointless and confusing and unproductive.

So what do I know and/or think I know now (take your pick)? That’s really hard. On the one hand, I’m pretty clear that I’ve been on target that the world as we knew it has ended and the immediate coming world has not taken its new shape. But then, it seems the shape of the new world is the one we see daily: Confusion, fear, chaos, at least politically and economically. Maybe the instability of the institutions and constructs of man-made society, IS THE PRESET WORLD, until…..

Until what?The Coming World that we have all been praying, hoping, waiting as well as working and living for? Or will there be another ‘interim’ world? Or maybe it’s all just transition and everything happening makes sense if you could see the big picture?

The thesis that I have been putting forth consistently over the last 19 years can be encapsulated (yet not briefly) thusly:

Imagine you were an architect and you envisioned the perfect building. You first described it by telling the story of life; it’s graces and tragedies, it’s pitfalls and redemptive possibilities, it’s tests, successes and failures, it’s miracles and disasters. You defined health and disease, illness and healing. You told the stories of relationships that worked and those that failed. You repeatedly told stories of greed and power and taught that their exersize could not endure ad the damage they inflicted. Conversely, From this you then provided the blueprint for how to construct a building where there was only grace and miracles, success and redemption. And for all time. Now the obstacles….

The building yet present seemed to always be there and therefore always would. It was the only thing anybody really knew. That which came before was not personally experienced by the people now living and that which was yet to come was invisible. This old building was deteriorating before everyone’s eyes, its foundations rotted and crumbling, its institutions corrupted and its leaders as in the dark as its inhabitants.

However, as long as it appeared still yet standing and people were still invested in its endurance despite the suffering of the overwhelming vast majority of its inhabitants, no true rectification could materialize.

Your solution to the horror of all too many, is to remove the old building and build the new perfect building. Yet again, as few have shared in your vision, the people held back – it was all too unknown – the process of deconstruction and reconstruction was just to awesome and frightening.

But you could wait. The building was indeed coming down, collapsing under its own weight. And the only thing left was for there to be the perfect building that never was.

To be continued….