Well, the long journey home is just about complete. Tonight, Sunday night, I received my last two bags. First off, I have to acknowledge and give thanks to El Al for effort above and beyond the call of duty in perservering in tracking them dowm and delivering them to me. It bothers me that El Al had to fulfill American Airlines responsibility.

More good news: One of my nieces gave birth on the second day of Rosh HaSHanah to her second child, a boy. Yeah! Mazal Tov! Her sister is expecting her first. Yeah! B’Sha’a Tova! One of my closest brothers became a father on Shabbat. The bris will be on Yom Kippur! Yeah! Mazal Tov!

As for me, I have received confirmation that my estimation that I had completed an 18 year life cycle and was embarking on a new unknown period, is correct. Nothing has been as it’s been. The clear revealed magic of my American journey has been replaced with unending ups and downs – within the same day! What it all means and portends is not yet revealed or at least clear.

But I am sobered, and paying close attention. I am in a position to move in a multitude of directions with my life this year. I have never had so much opportunity. And I have no idea as of yet which way I shall go. All I can say at the moment is, stay tuned to a Moish blog near you for coming attractions.

I pray y’all had an energizing, renewing Holy Day Weekend and that it continues with blessings for all things good and sweet.

Let me hear from you, either in comments or my e-mail – rebmoish@gmail.com.