Dearest Brothers and Sisters, Friends and Family,

So much has happened in the last three months, the last quarter of the year. And it’s clear that has been an awesomed time of preparation gifted from Heaven, to prepare for the next two days – days that Heaven gives us to participate and influence our year and that for the whole planet. We are invited into the Throne Room of the King – The One and Only One, the One who created our souls and has given us the blessing of life in this awesome Creation. We are blessed to be active conscious tools and partners of the One in bring perfection and the dream that yes, one day soon, the world will be only beauitiful and making that dream come true.

I bless one and all to pull out all the stops, pray not from brokeness, but from love, not from anger but from love, not from fear but from trust. I bless us all that are be open and the passion and love and focus should be strong and clear and ever flowing. I bless us all that we find a new closeness with all whom we love.

In the words of my saintly, holy Master, Reb Shlomo, “There are two books; the Book of Life and the Other Book. And the Other Book isn’t that you get up and die. It’s that one is shallow. In thios world, death means to be shallow. Life means to be deep. So I pray that your prayer will be as mine: That I should be inscribed in the Book of Life, but also that I be on the same page with everyone I love.”

I bless us all with Life. And the blessing of Life is Life itself.

May we all know it, may we all be so inscribed, may we all bless each otgher and everyone we meet and see with it.

I love you all. And I send you my gratitude for your respect, friendship, brotherhood, sisterhood, support and respect. May you all have it for yourselves. May you all see and know your own holiness and Light.

Have the best year. G’mar Chativa v’Chativa Tova – A good beautiful sweet year for one and all. See you next year.