Dearest Brothers and Sisters, Chevre, and Family,

It is 11:11PM in Williams in southcentral, Oregon, and my eyes are directed homewards to Yerushalayim. The journey began 2:00am Monday morning at Ben Gurion Airport and brought me to the following itinerary:

2 nights NYC, 1 night Memphis, TN, 1 night motel in Arkansas, 2 weeks in the Ozark National Forest in Arkansas, 2 nights hotels for the drive through Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma to Boulder, Colorado for 4 nights. onto Eugene, OR for 4 nights, Bend, OR for 2, 1 nite each in Williams, OR and Arcata, CA, 4 in Berkeley, CA, 1 in Arcata, 8 nights in Williams, 3 of which at the Good Medicine Festival, 4 nights in a tepee at the Mystic garden Party in Ashland, OR, 4 nights back in Williams, 2 at Mt. Shasta for a Jerry Garcia Yahrzeit Shabbos, and now back in Williams.

On Wednesday night, the 16th, I take the red-eye via Vegas to New York. Thursday night in Queens , Shabbos in Lakewood, NJ!!!!, Teaneck maybe, Manhattan, Queens, family wedding on August 22nd (Parents flew in), Shabbos on the Upper West Side as Guest at a Shul (not carlebach) Where I’ll daven and speak, a wedding of the son of my oldest friend in the world from my childhood on Sept. 3rd and theat night fly back to Yerushalayim.

Shlomo, want to crash by you or Shaul the night of the 4th. and be in Nachlaot for Shabbos with everyone!!!!

The journey has been the most blessed and the most amazing. If you haven’t already, check out and read my first initial report.
Much more to come.

Be in touch. Much love, Moish