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I am grateful to be in a position to report a few wondrous events within the Jewish Outreach Project at this year’s American National Rainbow Gathering.

This Gathering was a blessed confirmation of all the effort invested over the years and the connecting tissue for past, present and future. My brother and partner for 10 years in the Rainbow effort is Zev Padway. Zev took over complete operations for Jerusalem Camp after I stepped down in 2004 and established the Rainbow Zion Camp. The night before I arrived at the forest in Arkansas, Zev’s mother passed away. This assured that there would be no kosher kitchen and center for Shabbat.

I was prepared with neither enough funding, food or kitchen infrastructure to fully pick up the slack and there is little kosher food in Arkansas. Having arrived at the forest two hours before Shabbat on June 22nd, all I could do was pray that for the main Shabbat a week later, HaShem would open up gates and miracles could take place.

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