There is a blog, and a posting about misappropriation of both Reb Shlomo’s and Shlomo Katz’s music. It fosterd alot of comments and I weighed in. It gave me a rant space about how I see and what I feel about the ‘black-Yeshivish’ world. While you may be missing context, I share it with you anyway.

It’s hard to believe what I’m reading. All those years, let alone hours, ‘sharpening the mind’ learning Gemorah; all those hours suggestion a committment to halacha as a committment to righteous correct behavior….

First. To copyright, all one has to do is mail the music to oneself with an encircled c on the music. That’s it. Once done, the music is legally the property of the composer and anyone wishing to use it, must recognize who the owner is and pay compensation.

Second. The lack of the most basic derech eretz is astounding. This is holy music, designed to bring people closer to a more authentic avodas HaShem. And then it gets distorted, warped in rediculous ways. Ways that reveal the essential lack of talent on the part of the thief, the lack of a capacity to hear a niggun as it was composed, distorting it, changing it, not from a musical aestetic but out of a place of dull mediocrity. The laziness and even more the ease with which people appropriate nigguning not only without shame, but with an indignation that someone would call them on it.

Reb Shlomo, zt”l mourned what people did to his niggunim. Here are two things he said: “Music comes from Heaven. One has no right to change even one note of one of his niggunim. Anyone who was at his shul on Simchas Torah, as so many ‘outside frummies’ would come, can testify how with awesome exacerbation, he would stop the dancing, scream at the kahal that they were killing the niggun and slowly teach them the correct way. And most of the time they repeated the mistakes. Because they really weren’t listening and really didn’t care. The most important thing to them was having anarchic fun. Avodas HaShem? The farthest thing from their small minds.

He also said, “imagine a conversation and you change one word. You change the whole meaning! Al achas kama v’kma if you change one note of one niggun!”

However the cynicism, the lack of care and respect, the smug complacent hubris of the ‘yeshivish’ world gives us hope. The golus must be coming to it’s end. Because these ‘frum’ people have nothing of substance to pass on to the next generation.

And if I never hear another horrible, whiny, Las Vegas lounge act litvishe singer again, it will be too soon.

And there’s so much more, but does anyone really care? Does anyone really care about how Rav Shlomo Katz feels about what people do to his music? Yes he’s a Rav. He has two smichas. He teaches Torah and counsles hundreds of yidden. He’s working for Geula. Not a career as an entertainer. His music serves the same function as Reb Shlomo’s: To turn Yidden onto a higher light than whatever they are holding. And so, so much more.

Just listened to The NeXt Project X Schmeltzer, Lipa version of Niggun Nevo. I would charachterize it as rape by the musically autistic.

Hmmm…Annonyous posted. WHy the hiding? Secondly, I want to see you react to someone who stole from you or publicly distorted the best you had to give. Thirdly, you need to study up on Rebbe Nachman’s Torah’s on Azus d’Kedusha. Forthly, Reb Shlomo’s point was that the music was the property of HaShem! He sent it down. Changing the niggun was an affront to HaShem! Fifthly, loving someone does not preclude being royally pissed off at unconscious behavior. Sixthly, hocha’ach Toch’ach et amitecha. Ah you say only when they are open. Well, the Gemara teaches that one of the 15 simanim we are in dor Geula is the extended level of chutzpah where people can’t and/or won’t receive tochacha. Your words only further condemns the smallness and small mindedness of the golus’dik yeshiva world.

I wouldn’t be so pissed off if I didn’t spend my life dealing with the victims and casualties of that olam, whose numbers are growing exponentially. Instead of apologetics, it’s time to realize the following: THERE’S A FIRE BURNING IN THE WORLD! THERE’S NO TIME LEFT! ENOUGH BABYING THE SELF-CONGRAGULATORY, ELITEST, TRIUMPHALIST YESHIVA WORLD WHEN IT IS COLLAPSING UNDER ITS OWN WEIGHT AND WHEN YIDDEN ARE THE ONE’S WHO ARE SUPPOSED TO BE THE HIGHEST EXEMPLARS OF DIVINE-LIKE BEHAVIOR AND PRINCIPALS IN THE WORLD!

Anonymous said…Rabbi Moshe Pesach,as I realize I won’t get anywhere arguing with you in your current state,all I can say in the spirit of R’Shlomo is”stop all this hatred and sing the song of Shabbos”

Brother….Ohavei HaShem Sinu Rah….Secondly, let’s see you challenge the substance of what I wrote rather than cringing in discomfort. You don’t like it? Trust me, I hate that I have any cause for any of these feelings more than you hate hear them or read them. Yes, you HATE what I write. Hate. You hate. …Sinu Rah….You need to learn how to make havdallah between hate and hate.

Yidden are supposed to be the doctors of this world. But we are practicing mal practice. And yes, I will shout out from the rooftops until no end against those that harm other’s. Hang out with the victims rather than apologize for the victimizers.

And why are you not interested or caring about what has gotten me to this point? Why don’t you express any interest in the ‘other’?

I appreciate Annonymous’s desire for more civil speech. I was in a hard space. That doesn’t mean I retract what I know, see, feel or believe. It’s just that there is so little enlightenment in a Torah way in the Yeshivish world and so much narrow shallowness that it fosters this problem.

What does it mean that the music comes down from Heaven? It means, like Torah, it needs to be RECEIVED! Kabbalat Torah! It’s a different kind of learning. Also, it CAN’T be changed.

And the pain emerges from the recognition of these severe limitations that prevent us bringing the Jewish People together under the umbrella of Torah as a result.

Reb Shlomo said: “I need drunk Yidden. I need Yidden who are so drunk with Yiddishkeit that when people see them, they would say, ‘I wish I was a Yid.'”

We have the gold to enrich the whole world; to reveal that HaShem Echad u’Shmo Echad. But the ones who have the gold are hoarding for themselves and only sharing it such a way, that the gold becomes tarnished and most therefore, don’t want it.

As long as the models of who and what a Yid should be emerge from a European shtetl vision, (of which the practitioners have no personal knowledge, experience or authentic memory) a world which HaShem destroyed 60+ years ago, then we will be arguing over a spiritual pygmie’s autistic regurgetation of something exalted. It is taking the Eitz HaChaim and turning into the Eit HaDaas, when the whole tikkun of this world is the opposite.

May HaShem shine His Light to one and all in a Geula’dik way and may all Yidden come to Yerushalayim and know what can only be known here:

Kee Mitziyon Taytze Torah, u’Dvar HaShem may’Yerushalayim.

7:41 AM