Following is this year’s basic promotional package for Rainbow. If there’s anyone still checking out my blog, really would appreciate responses to this posting, beside contributions.

Rainbow Zion: An Invitation
Celebrating 10 Years of Thriving Jewish Outreach

With profound anticipation, we are happy to announce that 2007 marks the 10th year of Reb Moshe Geller’s outreach effort at the annual National Rainbow Gathering. This year the gathering will take place in the Pine Barrens National Forest in Texas.

Each year the Gathering is held in a different national forest. Consequently, each year brings new participants from the local surrounding states. This is the first time the Gathering will be held in the south since the outreach endeavor began. The opportunity is ripe for the staff to bring one of the most effective Jewish experiences to thousands of unaffiliated Jews in an unparalleled setting.

The imperative of this program is compelling. In comparison to other programs, Rainbow Zion is the most cost effective first stop on the outreach map. Whereas Taglit-Birthright invests $3000 in per participant, Rainbow Zion invests less than $25.00 per person to reach upwards of 3000 Jewish participants over three weeks. It is critical to note that attendees of the Gathering are already profoundly motivated seekers.

Rainbow Zion is a full time learning program, opening up the universe of Jewish History, Philosophy, Texts, Kabbalah and more in a non-coercive, open environment. Rainbow Zion is Jewish prayer center, a Jewish music venue and a joyous Shabbat experience. Rainbow Zion is 24-hour counseling center, giving close personal attention to anyone in need. Rainbow Zion is a safety zone for kids at risk. Rainbow Zion is a 24-hour coffee, healing tea and first aid center.

We urge you make the most generous contribution you can. Please remember: These kids are our kids. We owe them no less than the best chance to establish and embrace their Jewish identity. It’s up to all of us. Please make your tax deductable check out to American Friends of Yeshivat Bat Ayin, earmarking it for Rainbow Zion and mail it to: American Friends of Yeshivat Bat Ayin , 1025 Fifth Avenue, Suite 3E South, New York, N.Y. 10028, tel: 972-54-659-2547


June 9, 2003

Francine and Butch Weaver
Weaver Family Foundation

Dear Francine and Butch:

Moshe Geller of the Rainbow Zion project has been known to me for many years. He is a disciple of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach of blessed memory and a friend of my nephew, Rabbi Natan Greenberg, an Israeli educational leader who is a remarkable spiritual seeker and mystic in his own right. (I have been a friend of Moshe Geller’s father since many years ago when we met in my earlier career at Yeshiva University.) Moshe Geller won my respect for his sincerity, for his love of all Jews and for his attempt to bring the spiritual and the mystical elements of religion to the fore in connecting with the Jews who are in search of a deeper spirituality.

Rainbow Zion is a remarkable project which has reached out to the many Jews who followed the Grateful Dead and in particular over the past decade has worked with Jews connected to the National Rainbow Gathering. Moshe Geller reaches out to seekers; his deeply human and spiritually moving embrace crosses all barriers. I think that his work deserves support. Moshe has done the program for years on the barest of shoestrings. Nevertheless, he persists because of his passion and his compassion. He has been effective. The project has reached many people along the way. Moshe and I spoke recently because I was able to get him some support for the project therefore, I volunteered to write this letter of recommendation to you.

I believe that any support that you can give would be well rewarded, not only because of the purity and the power of the outreach and the substantive programs which Rainbow Zion offers, but because its organizers are so selfless and so totally focused on connecting and reaching out that you get more ‘spiritual bang’ for your buck.

Thank you for allowing me to speak to you. I hope that you are well and that our paths will continue to cross.

Sincerely yours,

Irving Greenberg,
Jewish Life Network/Steinhardt Foundation

Dear Reb Moish,

You really are the sweetest. Just know, from the deepest depths, Adam and I are both very much indebted to you for helping to bring us together. If it weren’t for you there wouldn’t have been Jerusalem Camp and without Jerusalem Camp – who’s knows when/if he and I would have every found our way to each other. You’ve not only helped HaShem to create the pathway to bring two halves together but, you were a huge part in bringing my neshama to where it needed to be in order to recognize my bashert. You helped to give me back my Judaism and my connection to a higher realm of being. You helped bring me back to Shabbos and the beauty that Judaism and HaShem could be in a Jewish way. You brought who I am…into alignment.

All my life I knew I had bits and pieces of this and that. I connected with the whole Grateful Dead scene and I always knew deep in my heart that I was connected to Judaism. I never knew the two worlds actually existed together in such perfect symmetry. Baruch HaShem, Moish. You do amazing work and I recognize that. You are humble and selfless and always thinking of how you can bring Yiddin back to the Yiddishkeit. Despite your own struggles…you continue to fight on with strength and with faith in the great ONE…You are a true light to the Jewish people and we need you in this world.

As for our simcha weekend…we need you there to in order to bring the light of Rainbow to the city that we’ve chosen to get married in. We need your light, your soul…you help to give us strength and G-d willing we can pray for HaShem to give you strength. You are so invited for the whole weekend. We are having an entire Shabbos. Adam’s Auf Ruf is the same weekend of the wedding–all davening and meals will be at Congregation Beth Jacob.

We would absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE for you to have involvement. For sure! We want that energy and love there in full force. We are bringing so many worlds together…so much tikun is going to be done that weekend. We’ve got totally mainstream American secular family and friends all coming for this simcha and we really want them to leave with a feeling of what Yiddishkeit and Judaism and the world is all about. Perhaps we have high hopes…if there is anyway you can contribute Moish…we’d love you to! If you lead some of the davening like you did for RoshHaShanah…that would be the absolute highest. If you bellowed like that out of your soul–that would be amazing!

Love, Shira

Dear Rabbi Shuster,

We are writing to express our appreciation for sponsoring Moish Geller’s trip to Rainbow Gathering in Pennsylvania. My wife, Jennifer, and I try to attend every year and this year was no different. In May of 1999 we started to explore our Jewish heritage. Jennifer never felt like she left Judaism but I had definitely left. All I knew about Judaism was from my upbringing in a conservative shul in the suburbs of Los Angeles. I had a lot of misconceptions.

About a month before Rainbow gathering I talked with my cousin Shlomo who is a Baal T’shuva himself. He told me some things about Judaism that surprised me and this encouraged me to explore further. We were hoping to talk to some Orthodox Jews at Rainbow, given that Rainbow gathering is a mecca for spirituality. We met Moish the second day we were at gathering and he told us about the camp Jerusalem Beckons. He invited us over and told us about the different classes they were having on Kabbalah and about the big Shabbat that was planned for Friday evening.

Everything I learned there I never knew existed in Jewish thought. The concepts appealed to me and I agreed with them. For example, that part of the purpose in life is to heal the world by bringing holiness into the world and uplifting it. The Kabbalat Shabbat was the first service I had attended in about ten years. It totally blew me away. I never knew Jews davened like that. All the singing and dancing was very inspiring. Moish also told us that he could help us come to Israel if we wanted. Neither of us had ever been, so we told him we would think about it.

Jennifer and I were not married while we were at Rainbow. About two weeks after gathering we decided to get married. We also decided to visit Israel. The rest of the summer we spent exploring our Jewish traditions. Moish introduced us to the Shlomo chevra in Berkeley, California. With their help we were able to have a halachic wedding. We were married on the 14 of Heshvan in San Rafael, California. The ceremony was very beautiful and meaningful to both of us.

Our trip to Israel has been great. We have met so many amazing people and have learned so much. We are both taking class fulltime at yeshivas in Bat Ayin. I attend Yeshiva Bat Ayin and Jennifer attends Beerot Bat Ayin. We feel we have a strong foundation to build our Jewish home with. If it wasn’t for Moish and the people who financed his trip to America and who subsidized our tickets to Israel we would not be at the place in our lives we are now at.

It was very important for us to see a Jewish camp at Rainbow gathering. It showed us aspects of Judaism that related to us and made it easier for us to do T’shuva. Baruch HaShem that there are people like you and Moish who are reaching out to those of us who don’t realize the rich spirituality within our own traditions. Thank you again.

Shalom, Cory and Jennifer Lubin