Forgive me blogsters, for I have sinned. It has been 37 days since my last posting. “Where did I disappear to?” you ask. Good Question. One that I’m not sure I have a coherent answer to. My life is one that runs in fits and spurts. I go through deep, profound experiences and then find myself in a blank space, not sure how to proceed.

These are blinding times; blinding with the speed of significant change as well as blinding to see with clarity and unity, the meaning of it all.

When I originally planned this blog, my notion was to speak freely and help readers make sense of our times and draw the imperatives that emerge. But when change happens so quickly, when events seem to move faster than is possible to react to, when it seems that Heaven is so much in command that action on our part is absurd, it’s hard to counsel.

Further, events and developements are moving in a direction that causes profound confusion in my self-image. I see myself as radical in vision; identifying with the sensibilities of the left. But when I see what I have to say, I seem to be coming from the more narrow, parochial Jewish nationalist perspective. How to understand this contradiction is for another post.

When a Jew in Israel surveys the scene, s/he inevitably despairs. The ‘leadership’ is, top to bottom, bankrupt, morally and ethically. They have no principles other than to maintain their positions of power. It is unbelievable that there is not a single personality on the scene who inspires hope that if they stood for office, change for the better would be forthcoming.

For a believing Jew, in and of itself, this should not be so bad. Recognition and acknowledgement that the compromised politcal/economic/social systems pieced together from western constructs have run there course, suggests that the only thing left is Malchut Shamayim – Heavenly Kingship. Who would not celebrate the advent of what we have been living, praying and working for since Abraham 4,000 years ago. But it’s not so simple.

While there are those of us who have had their fill of the world as it is and are ‘ready’ for HaShem to take over – NOW! It seems that this is not universally the case. While despair is widespread, the obvious alternative is not so manifest that a spiritual revolution is taking place in ways that all can see and recognize. It seems further that there is a lag between what seems to be ‘done and finished’ and that which is yet to come. So what does one do and how does one respond?

How can we go along and continue with the routine when living in cataclysmic times? Yet what can one individual do that reflects the awesomeness this period? How do I make my work reflective of the times and consonant with their imperatives and at the same not be ridiculously presumptuous? How do I work for tomorrow when today is so explosive?

I don’t yet have an answer. On the one hand, compassionate service and the relief of suffering never becomes passee, out of date. At the same time being relevant to the moment is critical for anyone dedicated and committed to bring about the New World.

For now, I leave you with the words of Grateful Dead lyricist, Robert Hunter and his song (music by Jerry Garcia),
“Attics of My Life:” Copyright Ice Nine Publishing.

In the attics of my life
Full of cloudy dreams unreal
Full of tastes no tongue can know
And lights no eye can see
When there was no ear to hear
You sang to me

I have spent my life
Seeking all that’s still unsung
Bent my ear to hear the tune
And closed my eyes to see
When there were no strings to play
You played to me

In the book of love’s own dream
Where all the print is blood
Where all the pages are my days
And all my lights grow old
When I had no wings to fly
You flew to me
You flewto me

In the secret space of dreams
Where I dreaming lay amazed
When the secrets all are told
And the petals all unfold
When there was no dream of mine
You dreamed of me