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I wrote this piece for Dan Sieradsky’s “Radical Torah” site. It still applies:

Oy! The world! Environmental devastation, global warming, George Bush, war, hunger, tyranny. Will it ever end? Where’s the hope? Read the rest of this entry »


Yerushalayim is all abuzz with Tu b’Shvat, which falls on Shabbat. All the nut/dried fruit stands in the Shuk are teeming with crowds. Growing up, this holiday, the New Year for Trees and all plant life, was something less than an after- thought. We were given little baggies of unshelled almonds and a weird, inedible something called ‘bockser.’ It was long, thin, hard as a rock, tastless, filled with seeds and no one had any idea why anyone would want to have anything to do with it.

Upon entry into the world of organic, natural hippie food, I discovered a wonderful chocolate substitute Read the rest of this entry »