I’ve got about 10 minutes before Shabbat, so…

It’s Shabbat Ya’era and you shall see oir you will see or you should see and the New Moon of Shvat. Shvat is when everything looks dead; nothing apparently growing. But in our tradition we celebrate. that in Shvat, new life is already happening. It’s the New Year for trees. By now, you should ‘see’ the connection: You should see what’s not apparent to the naked eye. When the nights are longest and inspiration is in short supply, the Creator is letting us know, hold out, there’s new birth already happening.

If it’s true for trees, it’s true for us. The Book of Yetzira says that the secret of this month is “L’Eetoh” – taking it in whole. When we eat, we have to chew things down into small digestable, pieces. We can’t take it in whole. But the whole journey of creation already exists within the seed. It just needs to emerge, grow, evolve, grow some more, etc. The same for us. This is the month where the potential newness of our lives come into the world and if we’ve ‘seen the Light of Chanukah” and if we’re working on seeing with deeper eyes, deeper vision, we can see our own new life potential and begin to nurture and cultivate it.

This Shabbat, the power and strength to aquire deeper eyes and vision is particularly auspicious and potent. I bless you and me and all of us that next Shabbat, we will be able to contemplate all the new in us revealed and see our lives in expanded, more profound and far deeper ways.

Shabbat Shalom and Choedesh Tov!