Last week, we went from Yaakov receiving the prophesy of the date of the redemption and then the brothers creating the initial cause for exile that requires redemption. In just a week, we jump 210 years to the depths of exile and slavery and degradation and the begining of the redemption and freedom. In just a week!

You know how it is when you’re sick? When you’re really down and out? It seems like forever. Even if it’s a 24 hour virus and you know that shortly you will be ok, it’s like being in hell; in exile from life and the energy that courses through us and gives us life, including to active association and participation with others. We’re alone in our misery. Stuck on the outside. And it is indeed, hellish.

As soon as we’re ok, we’re better, we don’t hang out with being sick, being out of it. We are so itching to move forward, being within life, now that we have been ‘redeemed’ from the place we were stuck in. Redemption in essence is that whatever was before- dissolves, evaporates. Almost as if it never was. The newness of everything is the spirit which gives life it vibrancy. So redemption is connected with renewal of our life force and now everything’s better then before.

We say in the Passover Hagaddah, “In every generation we are obligated and required to see ourselves as if we were redeemed from the slavery and exile of Egypt.” So you would think that the Torah, that HaShem would invest many pages and words to report and describe what that was like. But there are only a relatively few descriptive sentences that do that. Why? If we are honest with ourselves, if we allow ourselves to be truly aware and cognizant of the dissatisfaction of what is missing in our lives, what pains us, our deepest aspirations that seem so out of reach, we find ourselves close to despair and that seems to dangerous to risk.

HaShem through the Torah wants us to know two critical things: First, if we don’t allow ourselves to be aware, cognizant and feel the effects of our own personal exile, we can never get to true redemption. It is the engine that drives us. And second and most importantly, it is possible to jump right into redemption. Yes, there are processes we need go through, but we don’t have to belabor them. We just have to know that to get to redemption, we just have to be willing and know we are able to jump. It is a choice. To leave behind what was and receive the better unknown that awaits us.