So, Rebbe Nachman eases our way a bit by letting us know that there is such a thing as Yerida L’Tzorech Aliyah – a descent that is required and neccessary to inspire and facilitate the next going up. We all want to be up all the time and of course, hate it when we fall, when we’re down. But it is outside the realm of choice to be able to stay up all the time.

For two essential reasons. One is that we can’t stay static. What we have, what we know, can never be enough. But it is so difficult to know when we have maxed out on the last revelation, the last inspiration, the last opening. Indeed, we can never have a ‘last.’ So we fall. We find that our mood is somehow somewhat depressed. We experience sadness and confusion: “Where did this come from? Yesterday, I was so high, standing in the light, so up. And now….”

How can we know what is the next thing that we have to learn and come to know? How do we get to a place where what we knew yesterday no longer suffices? So Heaven sends us on the down elevator and then begins the work of climbing back up again to the new knowing, the new understanding, the new flowering of ‘us.’

The second reason is that we don’t live in a vacuum. It is impossible to remain unaffected by the cumulative effect of the energy released by the collective all on the planet. If there is a particular day where more evil is being done, we cannot remain untouched. “When it rains, it does not rain on just one man’s house,” sings Bob Marley. We are in this together. Further, we are influened more than we can know by what Heaven is sending into the world at large. It is indeed the vision of Jacob’s Ladder; a continual exchange of energies, each affected and influenced by the other. And we can never know where the balance lies. So we have to work so hard to continually find new balance.

After riding the Uman high for 2 weeks, I finally had my downer this past Thursday. The energy was gray and flat and I could not accomplish a thing. I woke up Friday morning sobered up, reminded that I am only begining the journey of the next level of my work. Shabbat was sweet and Saturday night, redemptive. But then Sunday came. I was filled with determination but ran into obstacles against my agenda that all proved to be powerful illusions. So again, I woke this morning very serious and sober minded, knowing that I haven’t even begun the work set out for me yet.

It is my hope and prayer that by sharing my personal intimate life experience that you will find affirmaton for your struggles and help you to overcome. Because this is the nature of life’s journey and developing stamina, resilience and endurance are the critical keys to making it to the Great Day that lies ahead and is accelerating towards us. The ‘g forces’ are intense and it is all too easy to lose heart. Hang in there. Let it be.

Tomorrow, I will finally begin my Uman report. Stay tuned. And let me hear from you, good or bad, happy or sad. Be blessed.