It’s a short day and I’m off to Rechovot tobe with my amazing freinds, Bob and Amy Katz and their holy, special kids, so, just a quick message.

At the end of this weeks portion, just after Yaakov leaves this world, the brothers start getting it into their heads that Yosef really didn’t forgive and accept them and they began to think, feel, say and plan not so holy things. Reb Shlomo, in the name of the Ishbitzer Rebbe says that this is where exile began. Someone who loves us wants and tries to do something nice, something good for and to us and we misunderstand it and it alienates us from them and from the best of ourselves. This is exile. Exile begins with misunderstanding.

SO I bless you and me and all of us that when we find ourselves in either position that we remember that we just didn’t understand or they didn’t understand us and that we open our hearts to out better selves and make the effort to overcome and approach and come close. This is where redemption begins.

We all need it. Let it be the gift we give to each other this Shabat and all the time. Let’s get beyond the misunderstandings and find the love and come close. Because that’s what we really want and hunger for.

Shabbat Shalom, Moish

And keep those cards and letters coming! Peace and blessings to all from the Holy City, the city of Peace, Yerushalayim.