This is a new blog. Right now, I guess I’m still at the stage of introducing myself. One friend said it seemed kind of narcissistic. I understood him. I believe however that transparency on the part of people in positions of influence, especially rabbis, is critical. Most people and especially role players, put on so many masks and costums and postures. I try very hard to remove the divide between myself as a ‘position player’ and the seeker.

I might ‘know’ more, have authentic profound wisdom, etc. It doesn’t neccessarily make me a better person than any reader or student or congregant. Knowing as much about me as possible and experiencing me, frees the reader from having to evaluate whether he’s for real, where’s he coming from, does he strive to walk his talk, etc. etc. etc. Good or bad, happy or sad, right or wrong, this is who I am and how I got here.

Even more, I fervently hope and pray, that you,as the reader ‘joins’ me on my spiritual journey, becomes intimate with my struggles, this will all resonate with your own journey. You will find ‘permission’ to struggle, permission to be confused, permission to not understand and most critically, permission to be confident in your own thoughts, feelings, ideas, and knowings. If you can find consonance between the ups and downs, ins and outs of your own trip, with mine, if you can see that change is the only constant and that evolving and opening up to something higher, greater and deeper is a process and that the process is what’s important, than I have come a great distance in accomplishing the purpose of this blog and fulfilling my job in the world.

What do you think?