I just realized that in posting my horoscope, I neglected to attribute its source and wish to correct this. The astrologer I look at is Rob Brezny and his site, freewillatrology.com. It is well know that Judaism forbids the use of astrology to tell the future. This is correct as it robs one of their belief that free choice and free will are their’s to create their own future. Maimonidies – the Rambam – is very strong that the knowledge that we have b’chirah chafshit – free choice – is critical to authentic living and true service of the Creator.

He adds that astrology is an authentic phenomenon, but may be employed only to advise what energy is flowing into the world and therefore the potential available to the individual. This is exactly, to my understanding, what Rob Brezny does. And while I don’t neccessarily live up to and take advantage of the potential he reveals, he is always right on target.